Sunday, 30 January 2011

Just Chillin'

This installment of fecal art symbolises what I find to be one of the most defining aspects of relieve oneself on the throne - relaxation. I find that when defecating I am at the apex of relaxation, my mind stands at rest with the world and I am able to sit back and think to myself "Life is Good".

This poo embodies this in my eyes because of its posture within the toilet - it sticks up on the side not because it wishes to assert its position or power but because it is simply just chilling and being a poo. The head calmly sticks up out of the water coming to say "hello" whilst the rest of the body reclines on the basin as is leisurely sits taking in its aqueos surroundings. Added to this it flushed cleanly serving as a testament to being calm and mellow, showing that whatever your circumstances there is always time to sit back and have some me time.

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