Friday, 4 February 2011

Boomerang Turd

As I released this installment I was worried that it would flake apart and dishonour the legacy left by its bretheren. I gazed back and judged my anus' work only to be impressed that in the face of adversity my bowels had held their own. Sadly i do confess that the motherturd did crumple somewhat upon entry into the aqueous environment which it now resides. The discarded pips of the fruit were gazed upon with contempt after they relinquished their grasp upon covert existence, although unlike many a reprobate that has released before me, the specs yielded and removed themselves with grace from the bowl.

Upon inspection of the artwork it appears some form of discolouration has manifested itself towards the lower right of the poo. I am unknowing of what creature or beast hath caused this but it is most certainly a pertinent thought. I must also elect the sections of corn present in my poo, it seems that dabbling in such business has indeed paid off. Although I wonder - if such sustenance does not digest, for what purpose is it consumed?

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