Saturday, 19 February 2011

Twin Peaks of Kilimanjaro

Once again I present another of nature's miracles in fecal format and once again it was spawned by another, an unknown submitter who left their mark perhaps to be observed by others but likely as the spec leavers do to impose some sense of importance on the world as these twins were gone with a single flush. It truly pains me more to see this than specs as it is the physical leavings of a sloth - observe the paper casually discarded into the bowl with no regard for whoever may more urgently need to make use of the facilities!

If only I was able to engage in some method of holmesian detection I could perhaps locate the offender and make them accountable for their actions! But alas until that day I must simply gaze in awe sometimes at the uncredited marvels of others and sometimes the despondent leavings they choose to present me.

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