Saturday, 19 February 2011

Two Headed Sausage

This is what happens when you dont relieve yourself for a while, it was at least a week between my last shit and this one although once I looked down upon the installment i confess myself somewhat disappointed that there was not true awe waiting to greet me. A description of what culminated in this experience is what i shall discuss today.

If one does not empty the fields then the resident turds naturally become fearful for their lives - is the creator keeping us for taunting or is there true hope that we may survive and stay here. Alas such a fate has never befallen a poo. Guided by this fear particles of poo group together like pack animals assuming that basic instinct that there is safety in numbers - they meld their bodies together in hope of creating a vessel that will protect them however this only makes the fate worse and worse as it provokes the environment they exist in. This shit was deployed in one quick sweep, the inspection lasting a similar time. I noticed that this was less spacious than some of its brethren however it would not yield to its environment and held form upon deployment. For this it yerns respect.

In aesthetics it did somewhat resemble a two-way dildo, further emphasising it's tactical superiority over the surrounding as it had garnered the ability to attack two fronts simultaneously.

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