Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sneaky Fuck

When this turd plopped out of me I was struck with a certain awe of confusion upon inspecting the package which I had released into the world, it appears this turd had escaped my vision as if to disguise itself from me perhaps out of embarrassment or fear.

I feel this embodies one of the most pressing issues within our modern society - the desire to have a perfect image and the notion that one is not worthy to be seen without possessing such a thing (embodied by the fact that it is a shit that is hiding itself). This turd perhaps felt unworthy to be seen despite considerable effort to allow its birth on my part. Indeed it struck me as odd however I soon came to realise that this could be the embodiment of courage also as this turd regardless of its appearance had boldly ridden forward into the unknown whilst staying back somewhat to assure me that it was in good health, well played!

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