Sunday, 6 February 2011


This submission was not of my own design, but that of another. Upon being informed I was taken by a wise friend to inspect what is easily a worthy contribution to this blog. Upon approach I observed the beast pointing out at me like rocket sighting its target and preparing to launch out at me.

We look for some time at each other acknowledging each other's presences, all the time the turd challenging me to produce something more mighty than what lay before my eyes. Despite threats the poo lay dormant like a submarine in water, a small field protecting it from the environment around it, the anchor sitting at the base locking it in position so the dreadnaught could eye the field ahead.

To truly describe this poo I can only think to say this "Vi Veri Feces Vivus Vici" - By The Power of Truth, I, While Living Have Conquered Poo.

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