Thursday, 3 February 2011

I Detect Corn

This was a substantial addition to the blog as it touches on two topics I have yet to address. Firstly the modification of ones poo through imbibing certain substances, the most notable being corn (briefly touched upon in an earlier post). A substantial amount of corn was taken before this poo in an effort to modify its complexion. Unfortunately the efforts appear largely wasted, with the exception of a small spec towards the top.

The second attribute is the mystery of the disappearing poo. I am of course referring to turds which disguise their presence by moving towards the back of their habitat, an interesting move once birthed as there is no visible enemy to attack or to retreat from. However maybe we are being deceived as the poos by themselves are extensions of us, created to go on and claim resources in our honour - as the front of the toilet is held the turd feels it is duty bound to venture fourth and claim for the greater good.

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